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Pink Toe Nail Design

This is a pink nail design with white stripes.

Should You Paint Your Nails Or Use Nail Stickers

It is said that the condition of the eyes and nails reflect the overall health of a person. Keeping your nails well maintained and presentable is a very important facet of a woman’s grooming. You may be wearing the most beautiful dress with perfect accessories and relevant makeup, but if your nail designs are not complementing them, the overall impression gets diffused.

Conventionally, women have been taking care of their nails by regularly performing the manicure of their nails through a structured process and this has stood them in good stead as long as the correct procedure has been adhered to. The process involves preparation of the nail by careful removal of the earlier coat of nail polish and then applying the new coat of nail paint in the shade you desire. You need to ensure proper application of a single base coat, before applying the final one in order to lend a smooth and lasting finish. The key factor here is the complete removal of the previous coat of polish. This practice of nail manicure enabled women to sport nail polish colors matching their attire and has been pretty popular and well established.

Of late however, the concept of nail design has been taken to another level with the introduction of nail stickers. These nail stickers have added a new dimension to the creativity and personality of women, ho flaunt them with pride as they are available in a plethora of trendy designs. They have become very popular due to this differentiating quality within them and score over conventional manicure in presenting a very chic and sophisticated look and are fast becoming an important nail design accessory. Though these nail stickers are easy to wear, the usual precautions of cleaning the nails properly, applying the nail polish and then placing the nail sticker correctly before sealing it with another coat of nail polish needs to be followed.

The question of which of the above two should be preferred is best left to the individual concerned as both of them have their own positives, though nail stickers seem to have an edge considering the variety.

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