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Brush Nail Design Video

Nail art video using basic colors and a brush. This is a 3 minute video that shows you how to use a basic brush to create a beautiful nail design.

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Nail Art The Easy Way

The best way to spice up our look and our outfit is by doing up our nails with unique and beautiful nail art. Nail art stylist specialize in doing detailed and delicate nail art. But at the same time there are a lot of methods that we can adopt to do our own bit of nail art at home. With a little creative thinking we can come up with very interesting and stunning designs by ourselves. In order to go about doing up our nails we need to first make sure our nails are in good shape. A good manicure is essential as it would clean up our nails and shape them well. Then it’s also important that we select the right type of product, i.e. paints and polishes for our nails.

The brand that we’d like to select is completely up to us. Initially to figure how the shades or polishes look we can try a few to get an idea. Instead of regular nail paint we can also opt for acrylic craft paints. We can buy professional grade nail art kits that include brushes, stripers and marbling tools off a store. To apply dots and swirls on the shades we can use a toothpick or a bobby pin and also thin tipped details brushes. Nail art can also be created on artificial nail tips. There are a huge variety of artificial nails available at stores these days. We’d need acetone to remove slip ups that we make on our nails.

For in detail information and designs we can look up the internet or there are also a huge number of books available on nail art. Our nails require a base coat and once this is done we can use different shades to paint them later. After applying the nail art we should apply a top coat to protect our work. To maintain the nail art that has been done we need to continuously apply a clear top coat once in a few days to look after our nail art.

Learn how to decorate your nails and beautify them no matter if they are long or short.

Acrylic nails or natural nails, no matter what your style is we can make them look amazing with our modern and popular nail designs, watch our videos and view our cute nails in our gallery today.

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