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Nail Design - Sun Flower

This nail design has a clear background and a sun flower.

Nail Design - Sun Flower

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Chinese Nail Art

Chinese nail art is very interesting and reflects the culture.

Nobody would have thought a few years ago that as small an area as nails on human bodies would become a canvas for the artists one day. But it is a reality and nail art has achieved tremendous popularity as it allows one to have a fashion statement to carry with him wherever he goes and also has the ability to draw the attention and admiring looks of the people.

The origins of nail art have been traced to China, and Chinese nail art is different from other nail art forms, as they make use of intricate artwork and many materials to come up with unique and some outlandish nail art patterns.

It were the Chinese who started the use of nail polish to accentuate the nails, and later on made use of other materials like gum, bee’s wax and gelatin to make beautiful patterns on nails. These materials were used to make varnishes for nail polishes. With advancement in technology, Chinese nail art has also evolved and today, they make use of bright colors and many other artificial materials to decorate the nails. Chinese make use of glitter, gels, stencils, rhinestones and crushed shells to enhance the beauty of nails. Use of tattoos, nail stickers, nail jewelry and water marbling is also very popular as far as Chinese nail art is concerned.

As far as liking is concerned, Chinese nail art reflects the interests of people as much as it does in other Chinese art form. Use of Chinese alphabets has been very popular among those who use nail art. Chinese love dragons, and even in such small areas such as nails, they have successfully made small dragons that make the nails look outlandish. Butterflies are also liked by the Chinese as one of the ideas of nail art.

Learn how to decorate your nails and beautify them no matter if they are long or short.

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