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Nail Design - Blue & White Design

This nail design has a white background and a blue tip with glitter.

Nail Design - Blue & White Design

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Taking Care of your Nails

Nails form an essential part of our body, and are the first to look unhealthy when we’re sick or not well. By looking at one’s nails we can find out whether the individual lacks in vitamins or has mineral deficiency. Usually healthy nails are pink in color because of the blood vessels that are present below them. If an individual is not well then his nails do not receive blood and nutrients and hence they look ill.

Nails comprise of the nail tissue and the white moon-like lunula which is placed on top of the matrix. There is a nail bed that is below the lunula which attaches the nail to our body. A cuticle grows down over the nail bed and forms a tight seal that protects it against infection. We can give our nails natural treatments which are best recommended as they do not cause any damage to our cuticles or nails and also reduce the chances of infection. If we make use of chemical nail hardeners or conditioners there are chances that are nails moisture is lost. They also cause damage to our nail keratin and damage our nails and chip them. The best treatment to use for our nails is the natural treatment that includes aloe vera and a combination of different oils like primrose, camellia, almond or rose hip oil. Various fruit acids can also be used to soften our cuticles.

Nails are a clear sign of our bodies’ condition. Brittle nails are a sign of different medical problems like thyroid, kidney or circulatory problems. They also show that our diet lacks Vitamin A, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. If vertical lines are present on our nails then they show low iron or protein metabolism when at the same time if horizontal lines are present they depict emotional stress. Lack of zinc may cause white spots on the nails. If our nails our cracked or chipped then that indicates low mineral absorption. It’s very important that we follow a good diet to keep our nails healthy and in good shape.

Learn how to decorate your nails and beautify them no matter if they are long or short.

Acrylic nails or natural nails, no matter what your style is we can make them look amazing with our modern and popular nail designs, watch our videos and view our cute nails in our gallery today.

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