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Nail Design - Brown With Flowers

This nail design uses a clear and brown background to give it two dimensions with two white flowers facing the front of the nail and glitter, the flower design was simply made with a small brush to give it a natural form.

Nail Design Brown and Flowers

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How to get new ideas for nail designs

Creating new nail designs for your clients or your own personal use can be challenging at times, you create dozens of designs and find yourself having difficulty getting ideas for new designs, this can be an issue specially if you have customers who want new and innovative designs all the time. Today I'm going to share with you 3 places where you can find inspiration for new nail art and designs.

The first place that I look when I'm looking for new nail designs is Pinterest, there are virtually thousands and thousands of nail designs, I use these websites for inspiration only though and I don't copy the designs exactly the way it is, I like checking which colors match and then I come up with my own design, there are plenty of designs where you can get inspiration from, if you have a blog or YouTube channel and post your designs there make sure to link back so they get credit.

The second place where I get inspiration is on YouTube, just like the above, this place has thousands of unique nail designs and there are many channeled where you can subscribe and get designs from, I always like to comment as well and connect with the community, I also like sharing my designs so others can view my designs and give me pointers to make better designs, in a big fan and I get a lot of great designs there.

The third place where I love going to get inspiration for new designs is Amazon, might be surprising for you but the main reason is because they sell a lot of nail art kits and designs and I always buy them to improve my nail designs, it's an investment in my business and I use these nail art kits to better my overall designs! Below are a few of the kits that I have bought in the past that work really well and my customers love them too!

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If you have nail designs to share, feel free to email them to me and I will post them in my website - you can email me here!

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