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Nail Design - Blue Nail With a Yellow Flower

Blue Nail - Yellow Flower with Green Leaf.

Nail Design Blue and Yellow Flower

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Nail Art Trick Of The Day

Make Nail Flowers in 3 easy steps

One of the most popular designs used in nail art are flowers. Most people think that making flowers is a very difficult task and usually end up paying a nail artist to make them for them.

Sure there are very complicated flower nail designs that require a lot of skill and lots of time, however I know a way to make basic flowers that will compliment your designs.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create your own flowers in 3 easy steps.

Step Number One: With a tooth pick or small brush make a dot in the center of where your flower will be located.

Step Number Two: Make five dots (a bit bigger than your first one) around the center dot.

Step Three: Draw a small oval (this is your leaf) in between two of the middle dots, this will give the classic look of a flower in your nails, add your favorite colors and you are done!

My nail art trick of the day

As you can see making flowers is very easy, here is also a video tutorial to help you get a better idea of how your flower nail design should look like. Also here is a picture of one of my designs that included the trick that I just mentioned, I used the same technique to make this design.

Learn how to decorate your nails and beautify them no matter if they are long or short.

Acrylic nails or natural nails, no matter what your style is we can make them look amazing with our modern and popular nail designs, watch our videos and view our cute nails in our gallery today.

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